CMO On Demand

CMO On Demand – Outsourced Strategic Marketing Executive Consulting

The CMO On Demand program is a monthly fixed price consulting engagement designed to give Moving Minds’ clients on-demand access to world-class strategic healthcare marketing, branding and communications expertise, advice and counsel as well as hands on program management and execution.

Working as an extension of your executive team and marketing organization, Moving Minds’ involvement ensures your organization’s marketing programs are aligned to increase market valuation, revenue, demand and marketing performance.

As the CMO On Demand, Kathryn Hughes of Moving Minds will serve as your marketing lead in driving marketing initiatives, strategies and execution on a day-to-day basis.

Span of Consultation, Expertise and Execution:

> Marketing & Growth Strategy

At the outset of this engagement, Moving Minds will thoroughly review your company’s business plan, go-to-market strategies, positioning, competitors and product or service portfolio in an effort to understand the company’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and target markets. Moving Minds will then outline a variety of strategic marketing and e-commerce initiatives that will improve the performance of current marketing and sales efforts.

Moving Minds will provide consultation, direction and serve in a lead role to formulate a fully integrated, strategic marketing plan for the company’s products and services. During the life of the engagement and working collaboratively on a day-to-day basis with your executive team, Moving Minds will manage the company’s overall marketing strategies, messaging, programs and tactics.

> Branding, Messaging, Positioning & Naming

As a component of the CMO On Demand program, Moving Minds will provide your company with recommendations, consultation and deliverables related to branding, messaging, positioning & naming, as necessary. Moving Minds can also work with the client to develop or enhance corporate positioning, company boilerplates, and elevator pitches.

Moving Minds will provide strategic marketing direction, project leadership and management as well as creative and art direction on behalf of the client to ensure all marketing deliverables map to the company’s desired image in the marketplace as well as positioning that resonates with prospects and customers.

> Marketing Communications & Sales Enablement

During the engagement, as needed and prioritized, Moving Minds will review existing materials and then develop marketing communications and content that can be leveraged across all marketing delivery mechanisms, including collateral, web site content and trade pub outreach and sales toolkits.

> Digital & Search Marketing

Included in the retainer, Moving Minds will also provide an array of digital marketing consultation, evaluation and recommendations related to the company’s online presence, including web site design and performance as well as search engine marketing and optimization. Moving Minds will also provide recommendations for improving your company’s web presence that will result in greater volumes of web traffic, sales leads / registrations and conversions. To augment exposure, Moving Minds can also assist the client in the creation and management of pay-per-click programs to drive paid search traffic to company web sites.

> Integrated Marketing Planning, Budget Development & Media Plans

Moving Minds will conduct a thorough review of the client’s previous and current marketing plans, activities and initiatives. Based on growth targets, Moving Minds will prioritize marketing spend and activities and align budgets and media mix to drive awareness, recognition and revenue for chosen products and services. As necessary, Moving Minds will recommend alternative integrated online and offline marketing activities to drive growth and sales.

> Marketing Systems, Infrastructure & Tools

In order to scale the growth of the organization, Moving Minds can provide evaluation, recommendations and implementation related to marketing tools, systems, infrastructure and personnel, spanning lead management, marketing automation, pay-per-click, live chat, social marketing, pr distribution and call center operations. Moving Minds will work with IT and sales resources to ensure the systems identified, selected and implemented are suitable to the company’s needs as they evolve.

> Executive & Client Meetings

As a CMO Demand, Moving Minds is available on demand for ad hoc day-to-day discussions and meetings as well as regularly scheduled weekly meetings to discuss project prioritization, status and review decision points. The program is designed so that Moving Minds is considered an extension of the existing management team and intimately involved in every aspect of the company’s marketing strategy, prioritization and execution.


Moving Minds’ CMO On Demand program is designed to fit varying levels of marketing budgets, needs and desired time to market.

If you are interested in discussing how Moving Minds and Kathryn Hughes may be able to assist your company in generating unprecendented growth, please contact us now online or simply call 800.520.9303.